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In late summer 2022 I successfully completed the Master’s programme ‘Photography & Society’ at Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK), the Netherlands. A time that essentially contributed to the development and growth on a personal and professional level. With its emphasis on socially engaging themes and the social role of photography and art within society.
Fostering interdisciplinary approaches between art and science or design and sociology, my studies at Polytechnic University of Valencia, from where I successfully graduated in 2017, assisted me to set the foundation stones for my artistic practice. Completing my studies with the opening of my solo show Edits at Romà de la Calle Foundation I returned to Benlloc, the village I grew up in, to build up my own studio space situated within the local community. While living and working between the countryside and the city I presented my work in different exhibitions and events, among them PhotoEspaña, EACC, CCCC, among other institutions.

Carmen Gray (CC) Ámsterdam, 2020. 

Being awarded the Habitat award for Las Bañistas granted me the possibility to develop the project further during an artist in residency program at GlogaAIR in Berlin, Germany. Which exposed me to a new and enriching cultural context, where I could extend my personal and artistic network in a vibrant art scene shaped by diverse influences and ideas of national and international artists, makers and thinkers. 


Following my stay in Germany I went to Normandy, France, to produce a new work for the PALMA festival (a festival for music and visual arts in Caen). Cuando haga bueno juega fuera y, cuando haga malo, juega dentro, an interactive camera obscura realisedwith a local institution and adolescents from marginalised backgrounds. A severe accident and the begin of the pandemic forced me to stay in France for 8 months, leaving me with 18% permanent physical disability and a good command of French.


  • 2020-22, MA Photography & Society.
    Royal Academy of Art The Hague.

  • 2022, Laia Abril
    On Trauma.

  • 2016-18, Lecture of Artistic Studies XX/XXI Century.
    Dentro/Fuera. Identidades y fronteras ante el límite.
    Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM).

  • 2017, Carmela García.
    Interrelacionar memoria, identidad y espacio. IVAM.

  • 2017, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina y Suso 33.

  • 2016, Xavier Arenós.
    Dibujar una Estrella de cinco puntas. IVAM.

  • 2015-17, MA Artistic Production.
    Polytechnic University of Valencia.

  • 2015-17, Collaboration Grant, Department of Culture BBAA, (UPV).
    Polytechnic University of Valencia.

  • 2011-15, Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.
    Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2022, Confluències. Intervenciones artísticas en el Alto Mijares. Vallat. IVAM.
    Tres arbres i tretze fruites.
    Curated by Nuria Enguita. From 18 February to 31 December, Valencia (ES)

  • 2020, PALMA. Explorations musicales et visuelles.
    Cuando haga bueno juega fuera y, cuando haga malo, juega dentro.
    Curated by Thomas Munerel. April 8 to 13, Caen (FR)

  • 2020, Habitat grant.
    Los Bañistas. Curated by Rubén Román.
    From 16 January to 17 March, Casa de Cultura, Castellón (ES)

  • 2019, GlogauAir.
    Los Bañistas. Curated by Justin Ross.
    From 3 July to 31 December. Artist in residence program, Berlin (DE)

  • 2019, Centre de Documentació d’Art Valencià Contemporani Romà de la Calle.
    Edits. Curated by Ricard Silvestre.
    From October 27 to April 6, El Corte Ingés Colón, Valencia (ES)
    Publication (eng/esp/cat) ISBN 978-84-9133-207-7

  • 2018, FAVA 365. Residency.
    Laura i Luci. Curated by Eugeni Trilles.
    From 30 March to 7 April, Villanova d’Alcolea (ES)

Group Exhibitions (selection):

  • 2022, Art Contemporani de la Generalitat Valenciana IV. CCCC.
    Observatorio. Curated by Consorcio de Museos de la Comunitat Valenciana.

    From 5 November to 23 January 2022, Centre del Carme (ES) 2021, Noorderlicht. Internationaal Fotofestival.

  • 2021, Noorderlicht. Internationaal Fotofestival.
    The makeable mind.
    From 7 August to 3 October, Suikerlaan, Groningen (NL)

  • 2021, Bio-Lectures. Reflexions de l’entorn natural i rural contemporani. EACC.
    Help yourself. Curated by Irene Gras.
    From 18 March to 13 June, Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló (ES)

  • 2020, Cultura Online. CCCC.
    Edits. Curated by Nuria Blaya.
    From 22 October to 24 January 2021, Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporànea, Sala 2, Valencia (ES)

  • 2019, PhotoEspaña.
    Observatorio. Enaire award.
    From 5 June to 31 August, Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid (ES)

  • 2018, Pam! Pam! 18
    Observatorio. Curated by José Luis Clemente.
    From October 2nd to 27th, Atarazanas, Valencia (ES)

  • XX Mostra Art Públic
    Gold Machine. Curated by Alba Braza.
    From October 2nd to 27th, Universitat de València (ES)
    Publication (eng/esp/cat) ISBN 978-84-9133-136-0

Publications & Talks:

  • 2022, De Donkere Kamer
    From the tip of the tongue to the soles of the feet.
    3 Octorber 2022 (NL).

  • 2022, Metropolis
    Eindexamens 2022.
    Aug/Sept no4 2022 (NL).

  • 2021, El País
    Planeta fututo.

    12/08/2021 (ES).

  • 2021, RTVE. Laura Palau defiende la agricultura urbana
    Help Yourself.
    06/11/2021, España (ES)

  • 2021, Undisciplining Photography Symposium.
    Give me a hand.
    27/28 May, KABK, Den Haag (NL)

  • 2019, Bonart.
    Panoràmica sobre el sistema artístic Valencià.
    Ricard Silvestre.

Work in collections

  • Col·lecció d’Art Contemporáni de la Generalitat de Valencia, CCCC.

  • Museu de la Ciutat de Castelló, MUCC.

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