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I am currently based between Benlloc, Spain and Amsterdam, Netherlands. As an artist and individual I often consider myself an urban agriculturalist or a rural cosmopolite.

 I think with my hands while crafting with my brain.

I meander between rural communities and contemporary cities, that’s where my work is at home. The intersections where these two realms meet constitute the soil from where my artistic practice grows. Taking shape through photography, video, installations, public art and performance.

retrato de CARMEN GRAY.jpg

My social practice is collaborative and participatory in nature, while principles of care and listening are core values of my work. Drawing from feminist, indigenous thought and rural knowledge, my practice addresses and mediates between dichotomies like human vs. nature, countryside vs. city, local vs. global, with the aim to deconstruct such distinctions created by Western scholarship in the first place. Notions of ‘making together’ are crucial to decentralise the artist ‘as the genius and unique creator’ and to foster a space for transformation were the act to create collectively is key.

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