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From the tip of the tongue to the soles of the feet


Photographer: Connor Kane
Art Director: Camille Lauren
Make Up: Emma Terese 
Stylist: Andrea Moulin
Model: Shia Ridley 


2020 - 2022

By embodying grief, lending an ear to a healer and thinking along with nature, this performance asks the participants how our personal traumas might help to create a more caring society.

The subject draws on the idea that personal difficulties are not only related to individual breakdowns, but are connected to a larger dysfunctions in social structures. In this context, alternative occidental therapies and fungi are interwoven as examples to show that the interconnectedness among people is extremely important in the recovery of the traumatised individual. It is a project about land, about people, about rootedness, about feeling connected instead of alienated, and about living in community.

My own experiences are embodied in a photobook that shows the visual exploration I took over the past two years, which also contains healing sessions and recipes for various ills and evils. It also includes mushroom spores so the book can grow into a mushroom, representing the importan- ce of letting things go. The project will be presented as a performance that proposes horizontal learning among the participants within the context of The Netherlands.

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