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Tres arbres i tretze fruites

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In Observatorio we find a series of captures taken inside bee boxes, a sort of vision machine. Thus, we find ourselves before a point of view much more reduced than ours. As the scales play out before our eyes, we are transported to hidden places lost in the vegetation, due to the large number of robberies that beekeepers suffer.
Located in the interior of Castellón, La Plana Alta and Maestrazgo, several camouflaged camera boxes were located next to bee hives. From its interior we can understand the camera as a waiting and refuge from which to observe and wait upon the capture. In

this way, and after the observation, there is a state of clarity in the gaze about the decision, the framing and the point of view that will condition the result of the hunt.

Acquired by:
Collection d'Art Contemporani of the Consorci de Museus de la
Generalitat Valenciana. CCCC.

Collection of the Museu de la Ciutat de Castelló, MUCC.

Observatorio (Series)
4 pinhole photographs.
Copy on 150gr. mupi paper. Framed in mansonia wood wood and 3mm anti-reflective methacrylate. 194 x 124 cm, 2018.
Ed 2 + 1 PA

Observatorio (Single photograph)
Pinhole Photography
Copy on 200gr. baryta paper. Framed in wood and museum glass. 132 x 100 cm, 2018
Ed 2 + 1 PA



Exhibited in:

2022, XXV Plastic Arts Prize. Sala de Arte EL BRONCENSE.
From 24 November to 7 January, Cáceres.

2022, Art Contemporani de la Generalitat Valenciana IV. Centro Cigarreras.
From 9 September to 3 December, Centro Cigarreras, Alicante.

2022, Art Contemporani de la Generalitat Valenciana IV. CCCC.
From 5 November to 23 January, Centre del Carme, Valencia.

2021, Art Contemporani de la Generalitat Valenciana IV. EACC.
From 6 November to 3 October, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo de Castellón.

2019, XI Expresión Plástica Award. Fundación “Ramón J. Sender
From 18 November to 10 February, Barbastro, Huesca.

2019, PHotoEspaña. Enaire award.
From 5 June to 31 August, Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid.

2018, Pam! Pam! 18
Curated by José Luis Clemente.

From 2 to 27 October, Atarazanas, Valencia.

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